Sunday, February 25, 2024
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The Only Solution For Maritime Operation

Telecomputer Center S.A.
has been producing specialised software for the marine industry since 1983. This software is distinguished by being extremely practical, easy to both learn and use whilst being realistically priced to meet today's tough economic environment.

Our ERP Software solution helps ship owners and ship managers to keep tight control of all costs and overheads and operates in extremely competitive environment. It is a powerful product and is build with latest technology designed very carefully by our experts to meet the demanding needs of a Maritime Company. A combination of technical expertise and marine backgrounds, Telecomputer Center S.A. staff and products will help your Company become streamlined and profitable. It is our Company’s policy and belief that the software must not remain static but using each time the new technology and ideas to produce more user friendly and modern software. Our ERP system can be implemented as individual modules or as a complete integrated system package. Basic and advance versions of ERP are available to fit your needs. Marine Companies and their customers are seeking to implement high standards of quality through the application of I.S.M. –ISO 9000 etc. standards. This initiative requires systems of unquestionable quality. We respect our Customer and we consider them as partners to issue mutual benefits. This demonstrates the versatility and flexible nature of our software ensuring it can be deployed in any sector within the maritime and shore side industry. 

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