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The Module is an advance and comprehensive software that can perform voyage management during all the stages, from planning to post fixture and to perform estimates. It allows estimates to be performed for Dry / Wet Cargo on a voyage or time charter basis. The main focus of the Module is to provide high quality decision support based on accurate and reliable information about distances, ports, suppliers, fuel prices and all the other parameters that must be considered to make good business decisions, both in Chartering and Operations. The module is integrated to all ERP system and is very simple and user friendly. The system offers a wide range of standard / graphical reports.

Main Feature are:

  • Estimation for Dry / Wet Cargo.
  • Automatic calculations of consumption for deferent speeds.
  • Time charter equivalent calculations at various steaming speeds.
  • Distances are collected from through Web Sites or from the Custom build up Data Base.
  • Historic Information is kept for all voyage estimates.
  • The system produces statistical analysis and Management control.
  • The estimation values are incorporated to F/N commitments for cash flow purpose.
  • Comparison Estimated values with the actual reported values through invoicing R/P.

The system offers a wide range of standard reports and is also accessible for custom queries from your own reporting tools.
The Module is a part of “Telecomputer Shipping ERP System” and is integrated with all relative Information of the ERP.

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