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The Powerful Synchonization Engine “Telecomputer Shipping ERP System”  consists of two main modules with the same interface: One working on the Vessel and the other in the Office. A special synchronization engine that organize the Data replication between Ship “Data base” and office “Data base” have been incorporated in an easy and reliable manner.
Telecomputer Shipping ERP System Is the ideal and reliable Software Application System in Shipping Industry that can Manages with professional and dynamic way all the needs for Shipping Companies activities.
The Only Solution For Maritime Operation Telecomputer Center S.A. has been producing specialised software for the marine industry since 1983. This software is distinguished by being extremely practical, easy to both learn and use whilst being realistically priced to meet today's tough economic environment.  

Welcome To Telecomputer Shipping ERP System


“Telecomputer Shipping ERP SystemTM is a ship operations management system suitable for large fleets or single-vessel operation. It is developed by Marine professionals for the Marine Industry and has been installed on a big range of ships. It is fully integrated software, designed to organize and to handle the information of various types of ships including Container ships, Chemical Carriers, Fast Ferries, Oil Tankers,  Dry Cargo, Cruise Ships etc. The system improves the management of operations by collecting information at its source and distributes it to any number of end users anywhere in the word. It increases productivity by streamlining operational procedures and eliminating duplication of effort and cost.

“Telecomputer Shipping ERP System” Accounting Module covers the Financial Management requirements of a maritime company. It is the core of Our ERP System.
This Specialized System for Managing and Owning Shipping Companies Module has been designed by specialists with long experience in Shipping Accounting. The system incorporates all the features for day to day book-keeping in a simple and reliable manner.
This module is designed to support multi-Company, multi-Group and multi-Currency procedures. Reporting is available to perform all levels of Consolidation such us trial balance, ledgers, journals etc and reporting on a real time balance sheet and P&L type consolidated.

This module is used for Financial planning purposes and it covers the three primary financial statements (Balance sheet, Income statement, and Cash Flow). It can refer to an annual projection of income and expenses and can have estimation of cash needs. It can to make a decision of how to raise the cash, such as through voyage income or other resources. The module helps professionals that deal with personal financial Issues in shipping to make proper planning in order to meet company’s specific goals. It gives the possibility to Financial Manager to produce a complete voyage planning.

Telecomputer Shipping ERP System” Purchasing module is an integrated management solution that allows the user to have the ability to deal with the sensitive and expensive task of purchasing stores / provisions and spares etc. The workflow of the module will help the improvement of operational performance and profitability. The module supports whole the supply chain from requisition until the reconciliation of invoice.

“Telecomputer Shipping ERP System”  Planned Maintenance  Module allows you to organize all the maintenance and repair works needed to be done at the vessel periodically or ad-hoc. The PMS Module supports the whole life cycle of the activities as job definition, Task monitoring, material planning and ...

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  • Read About Risk-Assessment
  • Read About Marine Inspection
  • Read About Survey Status
  • Read About Dry-Docking
  • This module is design to be used from operation Department of a shipping Company ashore  and on the vessel onboard. Provides all information related to each vessel’s operation at sea and in port  and provides information for laytime calculations, claims, disbursements, etc. and assists the office to plan next employment in the most effective way.

  • Read About Vessel Operation
  • Read About Laytime Calculation
  • Read About Bunkering Control
  • Read About Freight Collection
  • The Module is an advance and comprehensive software that can performs voyage management in all the stages, from planning to post fixture and to perform estimates. It allows estimates to be performed for Dry / Wet Cargo on a voyage or time charter basis. The main focus of the Module is to provide high quality decision support based on accurate and reliable information about distances, ports, suppliers, fuel prices and all the other parameters that must be considered to make good business decisions, both in Chartering and Operations. The module is integrated to all ERP system and is very simple and friendly to be used. The system offers a wide range of standard / graphical reports.

    The crew management System allows the user to have all the necessary information related to the seaman for better management and cost control-efficiency. Provides comprehensive support for the complete crewing and crew management process.
    The module comprises Crew Management, Crew Payroll and Master’s General Accounts(MGA) all in one. It is a central pool of all information related to your seagoing human resources and you are in compliance with rules and regulations.

    Is an easy tool special designed to allow documentation of any type of Claim. The system gives detailed reports for the Company Claims. Claim can be followed up keeping historical records.

    The proposed MIS integrates the information resources of the shipping ERP system (office(s), ship(s)) as a whole and provides to the Marine company with the capability to document, monitor and control all the critical aspect of a Marine Company for Financial , Technical , safety, Crew management, Operation etc.. A such information system helps to provide information on the shipping company's effectiveness and efficiency. The MIS system is not only used from owners and managers to review operations, but and employees can use it to complete daily tasks or activities.


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