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Telecomputer Shipping ERP System” .The Purchasing module is an integrated management solution that allows the user to have the ability to deal with the sensitive and expensive task of purchasing stores / provisions and spares etc. The workflow of the module will help the improvement of operational performance and profitability. The module supports all the supply chain from requisition to the reconciliation of invoice.
It is supported by our correlated document management system and all incoming and outgoing documents can be archived with a specially designed Document Management Engine that gives the ability to retrieve any document in a simple manner.It provides full data control information of each past case.

Supported Items

  • Spares (Link to the Library of the Technical system)
  • Store / Provisions (Using IMPA, ISSA or Custom Catalog)
  • Bunkers
  • Chemicals
  • Publications
  • Services
  • Paints 
  • Any customize table

Supply Cycle

  • Requisition from Vessel
  • Requisition delivery to office
  • Check for each items with the past data(Price, frequency of Delivery)
  • Request for Quotation
  • Quotation (s) from Supplier  (s)
  • Quotation Evaluation / Comparison
  • Approval
  • Placed the Order to supplier
  • Approved quantities sent to Vessel
  • Delivered order to Vessel
  • Delivery Information from Vessel to Office
  • Invoice received to office and check.

Link with Technical module

Link with Financial module

Link with vessel' s module

Quotations in different units of measure

A lot of predefined KPI’s reports have been produced. The system is flexible for Customized reports.
The Module is a part of “Telecomputer Shipping ERP System” and is integrated with all relative Information of all ERP.

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