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The Vessel Requisition software module provides a fast, simple and easy way for crew members to create requisition on the Vessel. The system covers requisition for spares parts and consumables. Through our Synchronization system the requisition is sent to the office for further processes.


The spares requisition is created through an easy spare selection searching list with special design filters or from the display drawings of each equipment (plates). The requisition can be resent from office to vessel with spares parts and quantity approved. The approved quantities can be delivered on the Vessel and transmitted, through our Synchronization engine, back to office for Invoice checking. Critical parts can always be maintained properly onboard on each vessel, reducing the need for emergency shipments. The module also helps the crew member to order parts as they schedule their maintenance job, ensuring that the parts are available when the work needs to be done.

Main Features Are:

  • Organizes equipment information.
  • Maintains accurate manufacturer’s data.
  • Creates Requisition for spares.
  • Controls spare parts inventory.
  • Monitoring spare parts levels and usage.
  • Tracks location of parts.
  • Displays Drawings of equipment of spares parts.
  • Monitoring Requisitions / orders status.
  • Produces a variety of inventory reports.


The consumables requisition is created from a Custom or through an IMPA, ISSA table. The Item selection for the requisition is processed in a fast and easy way.  After the Vessel requisition is back from the office with the corrected and approved quantities, the name of the Supplier, can be delivered and be resent to office for Supplier Invoice checking.The required quantity and the remaining quantity of the item that will help the company to have automatic consumption of each item throughout the year On the Vessel is referred to on the vessel requisition form.


  • Fleet control
  • Eliminates faxing & Re-typing
  • Processes Requisition From Ships fast
  • Update Ships status of Orders
  • Reduces Payable Errors
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Ensures Quality of the process
  • Controls Spares Cost
  • Controls Consumable cost
  • Easy to use.

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