Saturday, July 20, 2024
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The Powerful Synchonization Engine

“Telecomputer Shipping ERP SystemTM  consists of two main modules with the same interface: One working on the Vessel and the  other in the Office.A special synchronization engine that organize the Data replication between Ship “Data base” and office “Data base” have been incorporated in an easy and reliable manner. It is the most configurable marine software solution on the market  today, offering marine operators all the benefits of a custom-tailored system while providing the reliability and economy of “off the shelf” software.

The “Telecomputer Shipping ERP SystemTM” is structured so that you can start with one module and “add-on” modules as your needs grow. It is a ship operations management system suitable for large fleets or single-vessel operation. It is developed by Marine professionals for the Marine Industry and has been installed on a big range of ships. It is fully integrated software, designed to organize and to handle the information of various types of ships including Container ships, Chemical Carriers, Fast Ferries, Oil Tankers,  Dry Cargo, Cruise Ships etc. The system improves the management of operations by collecting information at its source and distributes it to any number of end users anywhere in the word. It increases productivity by streamlining operational procedures and eliminates duplication of effort and cost.

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