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“Telecomputer Shipping ERP SystemTM”  PMS Module on the Vessel, ensures Maintenance quality and job control for proper job completion.The Module cataloges each work procedure and clearly details each step throughout the procedure. It is a fully integrated maintenance system and provides control of maintenance for shipboard equipments improving safety and reducing cost. Through planned and predictive maintenance, PMS monitors equipment and identifies problems before damage occurs. This improves vessel reliability and prevents major breakdowns from happening. Dramatic costs savings can be achieved by reducing time lost caused by equipment breakdowns. The PMS tracks spares parts inventory on a Vessel while the spares quantity that have been used is reported along with the job completion and allows the crews to order parts when they go below minimum level. It maintains an accurate overview of the condition of machinery including detailed equipment history. It can be preconfigured to meet your needs – like a custom-built system. Our PMS Module is the only “off the self” software on the market today that can be tailored to your company needs. PMS has a lot of configurable features that can be altered to meet your functional requirements. The PMS address the shipboard areas of:

Main Feature are:

  • Manages schedule and unschedule maintenance.
  • Maintain maintenance schedule basis on routine or long-term jobs on
    • A calendar, running hours, one-time, condition based.
  • Automatically reschedules maintenance items once they are completed.   
  • Allows users to maintain a comprehensive set of work procedures and job
    • Instructions to follow when performing maintenance activities.
  • Produce a list of scheduled maintenance activities by date due and/or System/Equipment
  • Easily identifies maintenance items that are past due and generates overdue lists.
  • Provides maintenance history information required for regulatory body surveys and inspections
  • Automatically maintains comprehensive history for each piece of equipment
  • Monitoring of Critical equipments/Spares
  • Monitoring Class Survey items.

The system produces about 100 graphical reports and gives in detail any information.

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