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“Telecomputer Shipping ERP System” Accounting Module covers the Financial Management requirements of a maritime company. It is the core of Our ERP System.

This Specialized System for Managing and Owning Shipping Companies Module has been designed by specialists with a long experience in Shipping Accounting. The system incorporates all the features for day to day book-keeping in a simple and reliable manner.
This module is designed to support multi-Company, multi-Group and multi-Currency procedures. Reporting is available to perform all levels of Consolidation such as trial balance, ledgers, journals etc and reporting a real time balance sheet and P&L type consolidated.
The system enables a dynamic chart of Account definition. Support of Voyage Accounting and Analysis, Running Cost Reporting, Cash Flow Analysis including accruals and commitments.

As an ERP System Links with all the other modules, it ensures that activities within them, like crew, purchase, operation, Voyage etc. reflect to the financial module.

The ERP accounting Module supports:

  • Multi  Management- Multi Company structure
  • Flexible  chart of accounts
  • Schedule of Payments - Payment cycle - Checks
  • Open Items
  • Consolidations Presentation of the Accounts
  • Greek accounting
  • Automatic creation of prepaid expenses for the next period.
  • Voyage Results reporting
  • Budget  Control
  • Year end procedures

    Calculation of exchange differences
    Automatic calculation of exchange differences by matching the invoices and payments                 
    for any group of accounts in foreign currency.

    Managing-Company support
    Automatic creation of intercompany entries.

    User-defined security
    Full security protection

    Invoices management
    Invoicing  Tracking per Department

    Open items
    Ageing  analysis

    Running costs ( Op. expenses)
    1. Comparison against budget
    2. Estimation based on pending orders
    3. Etc.

    Voyage results
    Voyage results and Comparison against voyage estimation

    Year-end procedures
    Automatic transfer to P & L Accounts
    Automatic year closing – year opening

    A lot of predefined reports have been produced. The system is flexible for Customized reports.
    The Module is a part of “Telecomputer Shipping ERP System” and is integrated with all relative Information of all ERP.

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