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The Shipping ERP System is Ready for Use

Hello Our Customers,

I would like to Inform you that “Telecomputer Shipping ERP SystemTM“ is ready for use. The following Modules have been completed and are ready to be used on Vessel and Office.

  • PMS
  • Marine Accounting
  • Financial Planning
  • Purchasing
  • Operation
  • Voyage estimation
  • Inspection/Safety
  • Crew
  • Crew Payroll
  • MGA
  • Inspections

It is built a special Powerful and Reliable Synchronization Engine that is incorporated to ERP system and replicates the Data between Office and vessel automatically and reliable without users to be involved throughout that process.
We believe that, the left Modules to be done will be ready very soon and will be incorporated to new ERP System.

Enjoy YOUR  Powerful and Reliable ERP System.


PMS In New Platform

We are gland to inform our customers that from today PMS Module is available to be offered to Shipping Market. After a very strong work of all company’s staff we are proud to announce that the new PMS product is produced by high qualified personnel and it will be the leading software power of our new developed products. Throughout of all this effort of production, we discover that the new production platform of Microsoft, will be the one that we rely-on and all our shipping modules will be developed under this platform. The idea of the Company is to produce an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system which will be needed in the shipping Market. So, we decide to produce the new system with all our Software Modules and the name of it will be Telecomputer Shipping ERP SystemTM “.

New Development Platform

Telecomputer Center S.A. since 1983 is trying to provide to shipping market software products that are modern using new Technologies. All Telecomputer staff and especially the department of Research and Development is decide on January of 2007 to change the platform that is used FOR 25 YEARS and to produce a new product with  Microsoft Tools using  Microsoft Visual Studio (.Net). And so happen. All the experience that we have collected throughout all these years in shipping industry and that, our staff is very high qualified with respect software production we started produce our new software product using Microsoft Platform (.Net). Realizing that our competitors product were not built in such new technology, we thought that it will be a great opportunity  for our Company to offer a high quality product which will be very attractive, user friendly and stable. The production of the product started 15/03/2007 and the development Department was committed that the first Product will be PMS and will be in the Market at the second half 2008.

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