Saturday, July 20, 2024
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A special designed application that handles records for any type of inspections. Inspections can be performed and be recorded by any External or internal auditor for any aspect (ISM, ISO, ISPS or other). For each case (Inspection) information as authority, inspector, port, detention days, Master, Ch. Engineer, Description of the deficiency must be defined. We have to mention that relevant documents can be attached for each case such as Images, Videos, PDF Documents etc. All the deficiencies are open until a responsible person can close the case. At any time checklist for outstanding or already closed items can be produced. Reporting can be performed with multiple criteria in an easy and graphical manner. Combined reports and views are available for all the fleet. All historical information of deficiencies can be produced with multiple selections. Route cause analysis report per deficiency can be produced. Percentage results and analysis of deficiencies can be produced per action, category etc.

A lot of predefined KPI’s reports have been produced. The system is flexible for Customized reports.
The Module is a part of “Telecomputer Shipping ERP System” and is integrated with all relative Information of all ERP

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