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Telecomputer Shipping ERP System

Telecomputer Shipping ERP SystemTM  is an integrated Software application sollution that have been designed  exclusively for the shipping market.
Telecomputer Center S.A.  is highly experienced and meets the specialized needs of marine companies. With a combination of technical expertise and marine backgrounds, our staff and products will help your company become streamlined and profitable.

Our mission is to provide clients with low cost, easy-to-use and high-quality software systems that can increase the safety and performance of your vessels.
We are very careful in choosing, the technology that we employ to design our products. We have a long term strategy and we give emphasis to having a good reputation on the market.

It is our company’s policy and belief that the software must not remain static but use the new technology and ideas to produce more user friendly and modern software.
Telecomputer Shipping ERP SystemTM  offers the broadest range of  marine  management  information  on the  market  today  which is a proven solution for fleet management and is also designed for ship / shore operation.

It is Designed with the latest Microsoft technology tools and developed with  Visual Studio .Net, SQL Server 2005-2008 etc. that makes the system extensively customized and easy to  interface with the Company standards and to individual users as well, in a user friendly way.

Telecomputer Shipping ERP SystemTM has been degined to have the same graphical user Interface between office and vessel users as a result better co-operation between them.

We believe that we are leaders of a Synchronization System which can synchronize the data between Vessel and office in an accurate and problem-free manner.  This Synchronization system  co-operating with the installation kit can rearrange all the data and the application on the Vessel, as a specialist would do from his office. The entire rearrangement is done by sending a simple e-mail with attached file.


Latest Microsoft Products
1. Microsoft .NET
2. Data-Base SQL Server  2005-2008
3. Report Generator
4. Graphical Presentations

Integration office and  Vessel
1. Integration at the office between departments
2. Integration between office and Vessel
3. Using our Document management tool for correlated

Security and System Configuration
User Roles Configuration
Configuration of users per role
User configuration  per application
Authorization per form
Authorization in insert , update , delete functions

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