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Laytime calculation is one of the most laborious and time consuming tasks. However on the other hand, accurate laytime calculation can save a lot of money. A powerful and user friendly laytime calculation program saves you time, effort and money as you calculate. Our software is designed to cut down the time factor from hours to minutes. Once the information is entered into the system you can run recalculations simply by pressing a button on your keyboard.

Mean Features Are:

  • Easy-to-use calculation system for laytime and demurrages / dispatch-calculation based on the statement of facts.
  • Have your laytime calculations and time sheets ready to mail within minutes instead of hours.
  • Avoid calculation errors which might easily be expensive.
  • The solution supports all usual contract clauses for the laytime calculation including reversible / Non reversible.
    Once on demurrage / Non always on demurrage.
  • All the usual laytime calculation terms already predefined :
    Full time counting, Half time counting,
    Time not to count, Rain, Shifting time not to count and
    Free percentage value for partial counting in case of breakdowns etc..
  • All usual Shex terms already predefined. Non-standard regulations can be specified by begin / end day of week and time.

A lot of predefined KPI’s reports have been produced. The system is flexible for Customized reports.
The Module is a part of “Telecomputer Shipping ERP System” and is integrated / linked with all relative Information of all ERP

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