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This module is designed to be used by the Operation Department of a shipping Company ashore  and on the vessel onboard.It provides all information related to each vessels operation at sea and in port  and provides information for laytime calculations, claims, disbursements, etc. and assists the office to plan the next employment in the most effective way.It provides optimum passage speed calculation as well as Charter party over/under performance calculation in actual financial terms.The actual consumption of FO/DO is compared to the charter consumption.The module keeps track of Engine stoppages per voyage( time and consumption) and vessel(s) position is displayed directly on the map.Special reports that provide information about the performance of the Vessel(s) are included.

Main feature are:

  • Noon position report, including RPM, Speeds, Consumptions
  • Weather report, etc.
  • Arrival information.
  • Waiting information.
  • In port / Canal operations including statement of facts, delay reports, etc.
  • Departure report.
  • Information about vessels shifting for bunkering.
  • Full record keeping for ROBs, commodities and quantity lifted.
  • Daily report with all voyage average figures.
  • Complete vessel movement report.
  • Speed and consumption summary.
  • Vessel performance features based on wind, current, fouling Etc.

A lot of predefined KPIs reports have been produced. The system is flexible for Customized reports.
The Module is a part of Telecomputer Shipping ERP System€ and is integrated with all relative Information of all ERP

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