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The freight collection-Hire module is a comprehensive tool that allows you to document your freight, for time charter or voyage, effectively. It is a financial module that calculates port expenses / income with respect to the projected receivables and obligations. Analysis of Charterer balance is calculated together with vouchers that  produce the balance. Moreover,  status report of the contract at any specific period is also produced. When a statement is issued the module calculates the relevant commission that will be closed upon brokers invoice delivery. The module can support calculations of Bunkers delivery / redelivery automatically.Full documentation of expenses and income in each period of invoicing as well as a full  statement report that includes all vouchers for the voyage(s) is also produced.

A lot of predefined reports have been produced. The system is flexible for Customized reports.
The Module is a part of “Telecomputer Shipping ERP System” and is integrated with all relative Information of all ERP

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