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This module is designed to be used onboard.It provides all information relating to each vessel’s operation at sea / port  and provides a lot of information that the office  have to know for the specific voyage or operation, etc. and assists the office to plan the next employment in the most effective way.It keeps track of Engine stoppages per voyage (time and consumption). The Officers on the Vessel can receive any Information Task from the office. The Master on the vessel is informed of any arrival with respect to the agent- orders that have to be delivered from suppliers-sign-on  crew if any and other information that must be known.

Vessel Reports to Office:

  • Noon position report, including RPM, Speeds, Consumptions, etc.
  • Weather report, etc.
  • Arrival information.
  • Waiting information.
  • In port / Canal operations including statement of facts, delay reports, etc.
  • Departure report.
  • Information about vessel’s shifting for bunkering.
  • Full record keeping for ROBs, commodities and quantity lifted.
  • Daily report with all voyage average figures.
  • Complete vessel movement report.
  • Speed and consumption.
Port events log can be created according to your company and trade standards for transmission to the office.

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